Alternative Guide to Durban

An article about Durban on The Guardian website which also has a young mention for Spine and our current store in 8MS.

Compared with Johannesburg, Durban is very relaxed, but it’s also a bit conservative. In Joburg it’s easy to sport, say, blue braids, which might be frowned upon in some areas here. But a group of young designers in Durban are into experimenting and challenging the conservative view. Top of the list to check out would be the boutiques at 8 Morrison Street, part of the urban regeneration project in the Rivertown Precinct, South Beach. They offer a wide variety of styles, from edgy streetwear by Spine, Swaggerwear and Rooispace to high-fashion pieces by young designers like Jacqui Emanuel and Brett Robson, who produces very interesting, funky clothing, and who blogs prolifically about fashion. As well as fashion outlets, 8 Morrison Street also has really cool little galleries like Artisan (Arts in South Africa Now) – which has local hand-painted fabrics, prints and ceramics – and decor shop Mi Africa.

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