Our Story

"We are the non conforming social misfits. We are the back row!"

Thats how Tyler Durden would probably put it. [Cant help you if you don't know who that is.]

We are a fully integrated Durban based clothing brand. We produce all our own garments in house, using locally sourced materials.

Our design team is run by Thiran Moodley, who founded Spine Clothing back in 2007.

For the first few years we only made Formal Evening wear for ladies. Following an internship in Italy [2011/12] and a few other moments of clarity, we began a new venture of working in Menswear. Thiran reverted to his original idea...making clothes for himself, clothes that he could not find anywhere else.

All our patterns are created by Thiran.

Spine Menswear was launched in 2014.

Spine B T M stands for Spine by Thiran Moodley

Our key product is shirts and we do it perfectly tailored. Made with breathable fabrics to best suit our local climate. We combine our fit with unconventional prints and designs to give you a product of high quality and style.

In the 031 we make everything, cut & sewn by our own design team.

Quantity per style is kept to a minimum.

Ellie is our logo, our spirit animal and mostly... a tribute to our mum after her passing. She loved elephants and we felt there was no better way to have her involved with everything that we do.  


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