A Brand called Spine - Our Story [Updated]

Spine is a clothing label based out of Durban, South Africa.

Created by Thiran Moodley

[our original logo 2010]

Winner of the first Ethekwini Milan Internship Programme in 2011, which is now known as the Durban Fashion Fair. Winning this gave us the opportunity to study at the Accademia Del Lusso, school of fashion, based in Milan, Italy. Being largely self taught, this was the refining that was needed. We learnt many things that focused on trend forecasting and creation stimulation based on research research research...which as we were told is the CORE behind the Made in Italy tag.

[a tiny shoot done for the items that sent us to Milan,2011]

Showcased our first collection S/S13/14 at Durban Fashion Fair 2012. This was our first attempt at doing Menswear but we had still been mainly focused on our Ladies Ready-to-wear line.


[Durban Fashion Fair 2012]


With Spine lined up to release our 2014 Winter Collection at Durban Fashion Fair 2013, we had to shut our doors. It was a late withdrawal from the show and may have burnt many bridges but we closed after the death of our Founders mother. The decision to stop was made 10 days before our final fittings, as Mum [as we all called her] was at her worst. She passed away on the morning of the day we were supposed to Showcase. The worst email we ever had to send turned out to be our greatest blessing.

8months later our founder stripped everything away and began on a fresh note, redesigned our core business and taking Spine back to its root -> 'why do I want to make clothes?' <- being the foundation.

We introduced our new logo as a start to our relaunch, the elephant, which was Mum's favourite animal, now replaced our inverted 'S' and her presence to always be with us.

[Ellie the elephant]

Our first shirt ever made, based of a pattern created by head designer/founder Thiran. Its a very trim cut for the appearance to look fitted. 100% cotton and shorts sleeves...its a prerequisite with the tropical island climate of Durban, South Africa.

[Micky Gee modeling our infamous navy polka dot shirt]

S/S 2014/15 Menswear driven collection was then stocked at local outlets which gave us a solid backing to venture into our own retail outlet and to explore the idea of expanding our brand beyond just unique shirts.

[Mikey G on shoot]
[alternative design to the polka]

8 Morrison Steet [8MS]

After a few months of waiting for the completion of 8MS, we finally had our own, stand alone, brick-and-mortar retail outlet. Situated in a trendy revamped wharehouse, 8MS was to be Durban's urban rejuvenation until the landlords lost the plot.

[8MS at night]

Released our new range for our new store, our store had an attitude just like us and we turned shit up that opening weekend.

To those that came out and supported what we have been doing so far, thank you and stay tuned for more from us, T.

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